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"Lose Weight the Pate Weigh" Author; Lynnette Pate

Welcome to Organic Infusion.  My site is in the process of being edited and will have new and important information added to it daily.  I encourage any dialogue and will answer your questions with utmost respect and accuracy. 

Thank you to all who visit my site. I hope you find this healthful information very useful for you and your loved ones. I have created the site to educate the public about organic and sustainable living. Although I am not a doctor or nurse, I have spent the past 5 years of my life studying and researching natural remedies and foods as well as researching the importance of natural and organic foods. I have completely changed my entire household from chemical infested foods and toiletries to ALL NATURAL & ORGANIC products. Therefore, I have done a lot of research for you, I know what certain foods to for your body, I know what the importance is of caring for your body. The best advice come from people who have experience as opposed to a degree!
That being said, NONE of these statements have been regulated or approved by the FDA. No statement in my website is meant to cure, diagnose or treat any ailment you may have. It is strongly advised that you contact your health care provider before changing any part of your daily diet or adding any vitamins to your routine.
The statements on my website are meant for you to use to make healthful informed decisions about your wellbeing.   These statements are my opinion and not to be mis guided as facts.

I believe in ‘health insurance’….I just believe that FOOD can be your government FREE health insurance policy! 

So here’s to your GOOD health! 

Thanks for dropping by and please come back.

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