The Pate Weigh Protocol

Lynnette’s weight loss protocol is aimed to teaching you how to make food work FOR you instead for against you.  She will also teach you how to get toxins OUT of your body as well as avoid them.  The Pate Weigh also helps you understand our food industry and what they are doing to poison us.


Well for starters, when one goes on a diet, they go all or nothing.  They eat what they think is healthy.  They begin the calorie, point, or fat gram counting.  They follow the said protocol for weeks without taking into consideration of what KIND of foods they are consuming.  No one bothers to tell them to beware of non-organic foods or beware of dairy or anything that may hinder the absorbtion of nutrition.  People are simply NOT educated on HOW to eat or WHERE to shop for good nutrition.  The authors of certain “diets” are just sending empty promises so you will “buy” in to their secret plan.  So with all this non-education, people finish the “diet” program then go right back into the same eating habits they stated with.  They simply have NO idea of HOW to eat.  Therefore most “diets” in America FAIL and leave you in poor health and begins the yo-yo effect. 

One must be properly educated on HOW the body works and WHAT foods to consume.  The Pate Weigh sheds new light on the subject.  By following Lynnette’s advice, you will become aware of your food surroundings at all times.  You will be coached in a way that is EASY to understand.  She  helps you to see how food really works and how your body responds to certain foods and why.

“I have read many diet plans, nutrition plans and protocols.  However all that I ever read, even from well-meaning certified Natural Nutritionist, always leaves me more confused than what I started out.  Seriously, everyone wants to give you tons of food to eat, tons of literature to read about the different foods, and tons of paper describing the definition of foods.  They all want to give you a LIST and CALENDAR MENU for each day of the week.  While I am NOT a certified doctor or Certified Nutritionist, I know better than all I read.  I know that if you follow the MAKER’s way of eating, then you simply can’t go wrong!  I have the most simple and easy protocol that ANYONE  can eat and enjoy.  My protocol is NON toxic, NON harmful and NON side effect except for 2 side effects:  those are 1. Weight Loss  2.  Better Health.”

So why not follow the Pate Weigh?  Follow something you can actually do.  Follow the proper nutrition guidelines.  You can call Lynnette for your personal coach, mentor and cheerleader!  She also “cleans” out pantries as well.  To replace your foods little by little to slowly convert your pantry into a power boosting, energizing and immune boosting gateway!


  • Thyroid Dysfunction
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Gastrointestinal Problems
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Diabetes or Pre-diabetes Condition
  • Not Absorbing Nutrients/Protein

*****Call today to set up your private consultation to discuss these possible problems.  417-429-3559


  • Lower Bad Cholesterol
  • Reduce Diabetes Risks
  • Reduce Cancer Growth
  • Hormones Regulated
  • Improve Stamina & Energy
  • Increase Immune System
  • Prevent Stroke & Heart Disease
  • Delay Menopause
  • Live Longer
  • Look Better
  • Feel Better                                             

cocktail dress:  $75.00

new shoes:  $50.00

dinner for 2:  $60.00

relaxing spa retreat:  $350.00

New Happier, Healthier, Thinner YOU:  $ PRICELESS!!!


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