Women's Home Workout Bible & the Pate Weigh are a great team!

We would like to extend a WONDERFUL thank you to all our great sponsors we have so far to make this a HUGE success.  First and foremost, if it were not for AT&T providing phone services, then the information provided by Lynnette in her book…Lose Weight…the Pate Weigh would not have come to fruition as it has.  Heart Beat Radio for Women is of course the spine of this contest! Guayaki Yerba Mate  donated the 1st round of tea to each contestant; Garden of Life donated the 1st round of coconut oil; Brad Schoenfeld Author of  Women’s Home Workout Bible has donated to each contestant a copy of his best selling book. Kristen _____ of Omni Fitness in Fruitland Park has generously donated 3 months of her personal training to each contestant.  Kristen will incorporate the Workout Bible for Women in her training as well.  Bumble Bars  will be donating healthy raw food bars.   Essential Health Foods of Altamonte  Springs will be providing easy access and discounts for the products;  OAISIS Health Foods of Leesburg will be providing easy access and discounts for the products as well; and Dr. Ramah Wagner of Wagner Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation Center will be offering her services at a HUGE discount for each participant to make sure they are in good health to begin the challenge, and of course, Lynnette will be providing her coaching services and mentoring to each contestant on a weekly basis.  Lynnette will also be providing FREE 1st round of Hemp Hearts and Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar for each contestant.    We also have a Celebrity trainer coming aboard to work with the contestants.  We have many more coming aboard this exciting challenge! 

Thank you Brad Schoenfeld!









 Another one of our corporate sponsors will be Clara Schneider, with EMZ on 5th of Mount Dora.  EMZ on 5th is an upscale women’s clothing store where Fashion meets Innovation.  Visit Clara at  200 West 5th Ave, Mt. Dora, Fl.  You can also call us for more information on this unique clothing boutique.                                           

Get Noticed with Emz!

If you would like to become one of our sponsors, it is never too late!  Give us a call.

Personaly, I  would like to extend a HUGE Thank You to A T & T phone services for their continued support for my endeavors.  Without them, some of my engagements would not be possible”.

I would also like to extend a thank you to Crown Wellness for supplying the trace minerals and electrolytes for my body.  This is a great Natural mineral company I strongly recommend for wellbeing and increasing health.  These are REAL trace minerals and amino acids our bodies need, these are NOT some supplements or vitamins.  No additives or artificial ingredients ever added.

Another sponsor has just come aboard, Bonnie Whicher of Bonnie Whicher Photography.  Bonnie will be the “Official” Photographer of the contestants and events we have planned for them.  Thank you Bonnie!   So watch for Photography by Bonnie pics on this site.  Visit Bonnie’s site for views of her work and information on how to book Bonnie for your next event, family pics or head shots.

You can read more about our sponsors on  by clicking on their links.  We encourage you to do so, as you will get more education on the products they offer.

If you have not already purchased your copy of Lose Weight…the Pate Weigh:Fuel for the Body, We strongly encourage you to do so.  This is  a must read for every household.  This book not only gives you vital information on how to lose weight, but also helps you to lower your cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure as well as providing a wholesome way to detox and cleanse your body.  This book is filled with information to help transform your life into a healthy, happy and beautiful YOU!

How much is your health worth?  How much is having beautiful glowing skin worth?  How much is achieving your optimum weight worth?

We encourage you to click on the links to each one of these sponsors as they have great products to offer as well as good information.   These are Lynnette’s personal choices as well.  We have been using Garden of Life products for over 5 years now,  and are astounded by the results and purity of the product.  Garden of Life has only 1 coconut oil and it’s the best.  They do not make variations of products and use only the purest of raw ingredients available.  Brad Schoenfeld’s Workout Bible for Women is a great road map for better health and proves the point that you CAN do exercises at home.  We have eaten the Bumble Bar for over 5 years as well and can’t believe how delicious they are.  So many varieties to choose from.  Perfect snack for everyone, children love ’em!  As for the Guayaki Yerba Mate, nothing like it!  Amazing tea and amazing story.   Thank U Kristen w/Omni Fitness!


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