Helpful Websites & Links

Please stay tuned while this page will be continually updated with the latest sites and links.  We will be revamping this page very soon.  For now, however I will list the sites I find very useful.


These are great websites I urge you to visit to find more information and

see what Organic Living can do for you.

Take a look at my good friend and mentor; Dr. Ramah Wagner  a 3rd generation Chiropractor.  Here you will find good Natural chiropractic information.  You will also be acquainted on how the body works.   Dr. Ramah also specializes in detoxing the body not only by nutrition, but spiritually and emotionally as well.  So I encourage you to view her site and check out her book.  Health of Business, a must read for understanding the spine and emotions of your health business.  Dr. Ramah has shared the stage with many renown doctors as well as celebrities such as Suzanne Somers.

Go visit my good friend Joy Scroggie.  She will enlighten you on how to grow your own organic garden.  Joy also holds workshops twice per month in her garden.  Joy has been Organic Gardening for over 35 years now and can show and tell you exactly what to do with your plants.  Joy also educated people on the nutritional value of each food you grow.  You will be amazed as to what a difference Organic Produce makes.  You can also do sprouting right inside your home with out dirt if you have no place for an outside garden.  You can buy starter plants from Joy as well as sprouting kits, sprouts, seeds, soil, mulch and much more.  Click on over!

A great source to order truly wholesome Organic Foods such as; Salmon, Halibut, Turkey, Chicken, Steak  and more.  Go visit Nature’s Prime Organic Foods to see what they have to offer.  Nature’s Prime Organic’s  is dedicated to you, your health and social responsibility.  They have a revolutionary approach to farming and organic food which embraces the future with optimism and responsibility.  Their goal is to give families the opportunity to consume the finest meats, seafood and poultry without having to worry about growth hormones and steroids.  The go the extra mile to exceed the government inspection. They are not just “organic” but their livestock are raised and slaughtered humanely!  This makes all the difference in the organic world.   So click on over to order from my friends J.R and Ron Wolfbaur.

On you will find good advice on homeopathy and holistic remedies.  Dr. Mercola is a wealth of knowledge and even has submissions to his newsletters in which you can ask questions and get answers. 

Click on Dawn Rosenmayr .  She has good information about the Organic World in general.  Dawn is a neat person with great information to share with everyone.  She has live news feeds as well.  Dawn is also very diversed in Organic Fashions.  Check her site out!  Ask Dawn a question .  Her site is titled: Hip Organic Girl.

So you think organic and raw foods have no taste?  Then check out my friend, Chef Tina Jo for awesome Raw food recipes.  You can view recipes and tips @  I encourage you to try these wonderful foods to see how delicious REAL Food can be.  You will be ‘sweetly’ surprised!  Raw and organic foods, have tons more flavor and nutrients than conventional food industry ‘faux’ food. 

Go to to get updates on the latest laws and government interferences.  We must take a stand to defend the right of small organic farmers to continue to sow their seeds for the nourishment of our bodies.

Also for amazing document of what you are EATING!

A great product and company: GARDEN OF LIFE    This site explains the science of whole foods.  You will also find out how enzymes and probiotics work with your body.  Jordan Rubin, author of: Perfect Weight America, has tremendous knowledge on many subjects in the natural food world. Check out Jordan’s book, Perfect Weight America  for in depth information on how our body functions and the scientific studies he has compiled for you.

Also, as I mention in my book, white chemically bleached sugar should be an ILLEGAL drug as well as artificial sweeteners such as splenda and sweet & low.  Check out to shed some light on the matter.

Speaking of bleaching and chemicalizing foods.  I mention to you in my book about the REAL salt.  Salt, as you know it, has been altered by the food industry.  Salt is NOT pure snow white until it is bleached.  Check out my friends at for more information about this wonderful mineral the body actually needs!  Also visit them on their sister site at for other healthy products they offer.

Also I encourage you to check out as this website offers numerous coupons for wholesome organic foods such as paul Newman, Cascadian Farms and Amy’s brands.


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