What you SHOULD know.


For a great informative speaker on natural and organic living, call Lynnette to share with you what the food industry DOESN’T want you to know.  She educates people on changing the way they view food forever.  She speaks out of experience.  Lynnette does NOT claim to be a doctor or pretend to have doctor credentials.  She speaks solely from self education and experiences.  Lynnette is  a patient expert of natural and holistic nutrition and wellness.

If you want to know the SECRET to a more healthy, thinner and younger looking you, then you will want to hire Lynnette for your next consultation.

If you want to know what the food industry is doing to poison the food you eat, then call Lynnette to shed light on the subject.  If you are tired of being tired and have tried all the fad diets, binges and point, calorie and fat counting…then call Lynnette to help you understand how to make food work FOR you instead of you working for food.  She helps you change your life style to the healthy organic choice.  She helps you understand what is in the food you eat and how to avoid the most common food additives.

Call or email us for private consultations, luncheons, corporate seminars or any event you would like a guest speaker to educate and MOTIVATE you to healthy living!



Seminar on Toxic America



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