Preface to “Lose Weight…the Pate Weigh”




If you are tired of being tired and need more stamina through the day, this book is sure to get you on your way to better energy.  However, you can call me for a consultation on nutrition that will forever change the way you view food.

The biggest concerns I am hearing from my clients are:

a) I can’t do organic, it is too expensive.

b) It’s too time consuming and not convenient.

Well my answer to those questions are; if you go and buy everything organic & natural in one weekend; then yes it’s expensive.  However, I counsel people to slowly (over a period of 3 to 6 months) convert their kitchen pantry into natural & organic.  This way they are not out the big expense up front, plus I give them places to buy the best products.  As for convenience, what is more convenient?  Going to multiple doctor visits and having multiple ailments or taking just a little more effort and knowledge to prepare your food to eliminate doctors?  I choose the doctor elimination.  If you understand what food can do for you, then you understand how to make it work in your favor.

I want everyone to understand that I am speaking from personal experiences and studies.  I am not a doctor of any kind, nor do I claim to treat, diagnose or cure people of any ailment, obesity or disease.  So please be advised that this book is intended for educational purposes and to better help you experience a more natural, easy and risk free way to weight loss and better health. I do realize that each person is different and unique and no 1 protocol is perfect for everyone.  However, I have these 3 Secret staples that are safe and effective for any person.  As with any change of diet, it is recommended you consult with your health care provider before making a decision to ensure your safety and health.


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