Healthful Information

 Please stay tuned and updated on this page as we will frequently add more healh tips and

 information to better your health.


It is very important to change the way you view food, products and modern medicine.

If you want to have the best health and weight possible, then you must understand this is information to help you reprogram your brain.   You should look at all the facts and investigate before choosing your lifestyle changes. Yes, to have optimal health and weight does require a little foot (or finger) work.  We have to research because the food industry and big pharma has conditioned our minds so that we THINK what we are doing is for the good of our health.  Think about these things:  Why is our country more diseased?  Why is our country always tired?  Why is our country so over weight?  We are the MOST Over fed and Under nourished country!  Does it ever occur to you that if you KEEP doing what you are DOING, then you will KEEP getting the results you are GETTING!  We need to go back to the basics.  We need to have access to good wholesome foods, good herbs, good exercising equipment, good ways to detox our bodies.


A few things I suggest doing are:

1)  First and foremost:  CHANGE your food.

2)  Look for organic gardeners, or organic health food stores  Better yet, grow your OWN garden!

3)  Stop taking any prescription drugs or over the counter drugs (of course consulting with your health care provider first) and do not get vaccinated with todays vaccines!

4)  Get rid of any chemicals in your home; switch to all organic and chemical free products.

5)  Change all your skin care products to organic and natural products.

6)  Exercise properly; walking, jogging, dancing, rebounding,  yoga & palates.

7)  Get detoxified with the help of a Far infrared Sauna, these have amazing health benefits to help you lose lbs. , have glowing skin and increase stamina.

8)  Drink lots of organic Yerba Mate and Green and herbal teas per day.  Preferably at room temperature or hot.

9)  Sprout your beans, legumes, lentils or broccoli.

10)  Know the truth about SALT.  Eat pure salt such as Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt.

11)  Get Chiropractic treatments as often as possible.

12)  Get acupuncture.

13)  Get deep tissue massages.

14)  Use oxygen therapy at trusted oxygen bar centers (using only companies with GLASS bottles and GLASS tubing.

15)  Visit our preferred vendor of healthy nutrition:  Garden of Life and read:  The Maker’s Diet & Perfect Weight America by Jordan Rubin.

16)  LAUGH, HUG and PRAY!



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